Spirit Cave Man

The 10,600-year-old mummy of Spirit Cave Man and ancient remains found elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere could rewrite the history of the human occupation of two continents. But because the finds are caught in a crossfire of politics, some Nevada officials and scientists have repressed the information about the discoveries.

Frank X. Mullen has done extensive research into the find and written about the topic since 1996. He is at work on a historical novel about these first Americans, the descendants of the mammoth hunters who lived in the Great Basin when Nevada was a land of lakes. TOUCH TO READ, Spirit Cave Man Story

For a virtual reality tour of Spirit Cave by Professor Howard Goldbaum,
visit: allaroundnevada.com

Frank's Other Projects:

- Teaching media writing classes at the Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno
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- A contributor to the Nevada 150th Anniversary book
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- Staff reporter for Nevada Washington Watch

- Works as a Nevada stringer for several metropolitan newspapers

- currently writing a novel “The Last Newspaperman.”